I’m relaxing with Atmosphere

Im relaxing with Atmosphere – https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.peakpocketstudios.atmosphere

This app is so cool!  It has the most options for atmospheric sounds, best organization to find them, capacity to add your own, and lots of other handy features.  I check out many sound apps because I like to find the best ocean sounds, and I have one app dedicated to just various types of waves.  But for a broad variety of sounds this is my go-to app!  (I am not paid by or affiliated in any way with the makers or marketers of this product.  I am just happy to share a great find.)


First-rate Tech-help

For my first post, I am delighted to share with others a gold-mine of techy help I found recently while trying to recover my playlists from the now dead and buried Grooveshark.


There’s all kinds of help to be found in the forums within this site.  Most of the threads cover topics beyond me, but for the techy-nerd AND for the tech-illiterate there is help!

Check it out!